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Our work relies on solidarity. Even a monthly donation of 3€ goes a long way when multiplied.

Expenses include travel tickets, meals, website running costs etc. Want to donate to a specific campaign? Worry not, you’ll be able to select that in the next screen.

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We accept credit cards as well as local payment systems (i.e. Bancontact).

Donate by bank transfer

Want to make a direct bank transfer instead? Use the details below:

Recipient: Solidarity Rising
IBAN: SE12 5000 0000 0500 3102 8942
Bank: SEB
Country: Sweden

Donate with Swish

Live in Sweden? Donate with Swish:

Phone: +46768070861
Recipient: Benjamin Ladraa, Solidarity Rising founder

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Support ≠ Donations

While donations are important, you can participate in other equally impactful ways. At the end of the day, it comes down to numbers – the more of us that are aware – the harder it will become to continue these occupations.

Learn how

Take Action

Here are more ways you can stand in solidarity with the oppressed.

Wiki warrior

Articles about occupied territories on Wikipedia often reflect the occupier's side. Edit them to set the story straight.

Documentary screening

Organize a documentary screening in your locality. Spread the word about ongoing occupations!

Social media warrior

Social media is the battleground for truth. Follow us, like, comment and share. Amplify our message.

Speaking tour

Organize a speaking tour. We love spreading the word and we'd be happy to do it in your town.

Direct action

Shut down the weapon factories, block the roads the occupiers are travelling on and make the occupiers feel our presence and resistance globally.

Organize delegations

Organize delegations to visit the occupied territories and see talk to the people firsthand.

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