Western Sahara is the last remaining colony in Africa and the biggest remaining colony in the world. Having been colonized first by Spain in the late 1800’s and then by Morocco in 1975 the Saharawi people have a long history of resistance and are still struggling to this day to achieve their freedom and independence.

When Morocco invaded in 1975 large sections of the Saharawi population were forced to flee and seek refuge in the neighbouring country Algeria. Refugee camps were established and today the camps are the seat of the Saharawi government in exile, the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR). Today some 175.000 Saharawi refugees still live in Algeria waiting for their freedom.

Being supported militarily and diplomatically by the United States, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia and other’s – Morocco waged war against the Saharawi people for sixteen years until being pressured into signing a ceasefire agreement in 1991 and promising to let the Saharawi people hold a referendum on independence as is their right according to international law.

Morocco has since then systematically impeded the referendum and the UN has been powerless to facilitate it due to pressure from France and the US. The EU turns a blind eye due to Morocco’s lucrative trade agreements with stolen resources from Western Sahara, green energy and the threat to send refugees and drugs into the EU, should it ever voice any criticism about Western Sahara.

In 2020 Morocco broke the ceasefire and the war resumed again. The international community does little to help the Saharawi people and with Morocco’s now open relationship with Israel it has acquired several new tools in its arsenal of oppression against the Saharawi people.

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