April 4, 2024

The Spanish Sahara (including Rio de Oro) is a district of north-west Africa, extending in a northeasterly and south-westerly direction from the Wad Draa (28° 45′ N., 11° 4′ W.) on the southern frontier of Morocco to Cape Blanco (20° 46′ N., 17° 3′ W.) on the northern frontier of Mauretania. It has a total area of about 100,000 square miles, and is bounded to the west by the sea, and on all other sides by Moroccan and French Saharan territory. Politically it is divided into three zones: (a) The Colony of Rio de Oro, extending from 26º to 21° 20′ north latitude; (b) The Protectorate, between 27° 40′ and 26° north latitude, bounded to the east by the meridian 8º 40′ west; (c) The Occupied Territory, between 27º 40´ north latitude and the Wad Draa.

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